We Eliminate Any Concerns You Have About Going Solar With Our

Peace of Mind Pledge


Easy & Short Consultation

We are embarrassed by the hundreds of stories we hear about solar contractors who use pushy, aggressive, overzealous time wasting sales pitches. We are proud to be the only solar company in the market that doesn’t waste your time with long, awkward and aggressive sales pitches. Our presentations are easy and educational and only 45 minutes long, unless you ask us to stay longer.

Final Quote Guarantee

Never overpay, we guarantee to beat the competitor’s price on comparable products and services.


The Best & Unique Warranties

Our customers are provided a ten (10) year comprehensive labor warranty on the solar installation which includes water intrusion, a 25-year manufacturer warranty for power production, and in most cases, a 25-year product warranty on all the solar equipment.

This is Not your
typical Consultation!

Your Home Energy Control Center

Once your solar system is installed, you’ll know exactly how much power your system is generating real-time, by checking your Solar Monitoring App, which we install for you when your system comes online!
Our home energy monitoring app integrates utility monitoring with your solar energy so you will be able to track your solar production.
The MyEnlighten app

Homeowner Experiences

Sharon & Mark in Granite Bay

Sharon & Mark’s perfect power system turned out to be a 6 kW system. With $0 down, their monthly electric bill went from $250 per month to $10 per month!

Solar For Business

Check out more of our commercial solar projects. Learn the 4 BIG reasons we recommend every business owner consider solar as an option.

Knowledge Center


Reasons To Avoid Solar Leases

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KW0ufXIuONsTHE TOP REASONS OWNING A SOLAR SYSTEM IS BETTER THAN LEASING Solar Revolution is a full-service solar installer. We offer multiple loan programs. If you pay

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Generac Generator Pros

How many people do you know who actually have a home battery backup system?

Did you answer ZERO? Exactly… most people buy a battery backup because they want to keep the lights on when the electricity goes out. The problem is the price.

A home battery installation can easily reach $35,000. Other than for emergency backup, it just doesn’t make financial sense for you to install a battery with a solar system because California offers solar users Net Metering to avoid electricity charges while you are at home.


Generac home generators have the capacity to out perform a battery in terms of emergency back up power on every level!